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The terms "Sugar Daddy" and "Sugar Baby" have often appeared in Canadian media reports in recent years. Among the dating sites (for example: Seeking Arrangement Canada) that match up among them claim that their site has helped more than 150,000 Canadian sugar daddies and sugar babies find mutually beneficial relationships since 2001. With the rising tuition fees of Canadian colleges and universities, more and more colleges have become Canadian sugar babies and have successfully led a luxurious life.

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1. How To Become A Canada Sugar Baby - Listen To Jenna

When the 25-year-old Canadian girl Jenna (pseudonym) found out that she had little money left after paying her rent and phone bills, she did not find a part-time job or ask for help from relatives and friends. Instead, she turned on her computer to login to the Canada Sugar Daddy Site (Seeking Arrangement Canada) , This is a Canadian online platform designed to match Canada's Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby. Many media refer to such sites as Best Sugar Daddy Site in Canada. Jenna told the Canadian youth culture website "Vice" that she started Sugar Baby in Canada in 2015, when she was working as a product assistant for a fashion designer in Toronto. Even if she rents with others, Jenna's monthly rent is as high as $1750. Coupled with the expensive phone bill, almost all her salary is emptied. "Don't want to buy anything else."

After completing a simple registration process on Seeking Arrangement Canada, Jenna quickly caught up with a local Sugar Daddy in Canada. He claimed to have paid tuition for a female college student. He promised to pay Jenna a "sugar baby allowance" of $500 per week, but the latter refused. "He is a company executive, but he is not generous enough. $500 per week is too little. " This encounter did not make Jenna look back, she quickly met the new Canada Sugar Daddy-a 48-year-old real estate owner. This person was generous, not only helped her pay the rent, invited her to dinner, but also took her to travel abroad and stay in luxury hotels frequented by celebrities. Jenna revealed to the "Vice" website that the Canadian Sugar Daddy spent $65,000 for her during the six months of their relationship. In return, Jenna will date him five or six times a month. "You will make a lot of money because of this. Many girls like being a Canada Sugar Baby, being spoiled by others, and like this kind of life." She said.

2. Canada Sugar Babies Get More Allowance

What is shocking is that Canadian media found that the Canadian Sugar Daddies mentioned by Jenna are increasingly paying tuition for Sugar Babies. According to data from the "Seeking Arrangement Canada" website in 2020, the number of Canadian college students searching for Sugar Daddies on the platform has soared from 230,000 in the previous year to 446,800, of which 245,562 are girls (the total number of Canadian users on the site is 871678 People, of whom 65% are women). The Canadian Global News Network reported that in recent years, the number of college students in Canada as Canada Sugar Babies has been increasing at a rate of more than 30% every year. According to American media reports, this trend also exists in American universities.

According to the "Seeking Arrangements Canada" website, these college students receive an average of more than $4700 of "sugar baby" from Canada Sugar Daddies per month. In a big city like Toronto, the sugar baby allowance can even reach US$6,898; 39% of the money is used for tuition, 30% is paid for rent, and 21% is used for books. According to Statistics Canada, 2019 In the 2020 academic year, the average tuition for undergraduate students in the country was $6,959, compared with $5,767 in the previous academic year. Among them, Ontario's tuition is the most expensive, at $7,539 per year. When they graduated, these young people started an unknown new stage in their lives, and at the same time they were burdened with student loans of an average of $29,819 per person. "Some people feel that the way to find Sugar Daddies in Canada to earn tuition fees is full of controversy, but instead of waiting for the government to lend a helping hand, it is better to solve the problem by themselves." Many Canadian Sugar Babies told the media.

3. Best Sugar Daddy Site in Canada Get More Sugar Babies

This Sugar Daddy Canada website states the three advantages of "Sugar Daddies": he is your life mentor and can share rich experience with you; he is mature, stable, gentleman, generous and decent; he is trustworthy, which is the foundation of all feelings . If the user registers with the university mailbox, he can also become a "free premium member" of the website. According to these registered mailboxes, "Seeking Arrangement Canada" lists the sources of "Sugar Babies" for Canadian college students in 2019: The University of Alberta, Ryerson University and the University of Ottawa ranked the top three in the number of newly registered "Sugar Babies", all in There are more than 480 people; the university with the largest number of Canada Sugar Babies is the University of Toronto with 793 people.

However, no matter how the Sugar Daddy Canada website promotes itself, in the case of the Canadian government's inaction, it does help Canadian Sugar Babies find Canadian Sugar Daddies and help them get what they want.

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